Friday, July 7, 2017

Scrapbook Page Tray

Here is the tray, which was going to be my other 3D item for the Display stamper entry..
It just looks too much like another scrapbook page.
We spent Josh's 21st birthday in Hawaii.  It was a bucket list birthday for him.

He had some wonderful experiences snorkeling at 6AM in Hanauma Bay.  We tried to do
all his bucket list ideas, so we rented a car.  We were able to snorkel before there was
almost anyone on the beach.  He wanted to drive all the way around the island.  We almost did it. 
We hit a roadblock at the beach in the top left.  We were denied access due to it being
a military area.  We did find the Dole Plantation right after that, so it all worked out.

He almost missed Scuba Diving as he had a throat issue and couldn't go the day we schedule
his trip.  When I returned the snorkeling gear to the shop, I talked to the owner about Josh's disappointment, as it was a bucket list birthday. The guy was awesome!  He had friends
from the Navy Seals who took Josh Scuba Diving the day before we left ( The Dr. gave
the okay to do go.)  Josh had the best time, saw a jelly fish, a sea turtle, and so much more.  
I think it was a better experience for him than the original trip would have been. 

So I have a great memory for Josh to hang in his home,
oh well, it only took 14 years to get something together.

I spent May and June hauling stuff out of my house.  I am a craft hoarder.
I also had the resale booth for a time where I was making over furniture and such.
All that stuff is out of here!  I have so much more space, and room to work on
the things that really matter to me.  Like this memory tray for Josh.
I have lots of projects to work on yet, many are for charity, dolls, and knit hats, and such.
I love doing projects that make a difference.  I'll also be stamping and sharing. 
I have several new sets to use and share ideas for!

Happy stamping!

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Anonymous said...

Fun projects! I hope you get picked to display. I have seen the tea cups - maybe not that small but have never made them. They are Teariffic! I bought those color theory cards and I am having a great time making cards with them.

I did my first challenge card last week for the which Mike took the photo for me and linked it up with some doing. Maybe some day I will have a blog and that would make it easier.

Gotta run, good to see you posting again. Chat more later.....

Chris R. from Iowa

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