Sunday, February 15, 2015

Almost done with the Office!

I completed a messy project yesterday.  I Mod Podged book pages to the doors of the closet.  I was going to do fabric (Mod Podged to doors) but after reading a few blog posts I decided to go with book pages.  After all I have over a dozen dictionaries, and lol, still can't spell!
Close up of pages
I tried to even distribute the pictures.
There are no snakes, bugs, or gory human parts, on these doors!
I flipped those pages over! 
All the trim is painted and installed.  I need to touch up the window frames.
I'm just leaning stuff against the wall to make sure it's where I want it,
before I put holes in the newly painted walls. 
So still to do: curtains, paint desk top (something !) under glass protector, 
slip cover office chair, Put up shelves above the desk,
and then move the paper and stuff back in!
First tho I have a class this next week so I need to prep for that.
Happy stamping!

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