Monday, December 22, 2014

Elf Treats!

I was a Christmas Elf this season.  My best friend needed a few things made to finish off  her gifts.  She's swamped and needed a hand.  I wasn't making anything like these, so hey, a great way to get more things to share on the blog!  Several things are "other" paper.  She didn't mind as long as they were cute.
Hershey Nugget Treats in a 9 pack.
Top Note die for the bag topper.
White Fudge Oreo Cookie Snowmen
Notepads with the built in pen holder
A couple for the little guys next door.
 One for her Grandma.
Decorated Rolos!  I had a hard time finding them in a roll. 
The retired set Jolly Bingo Bits came in handy! 
Little Elf Kisses boxes
These were a little putzy.  I'll post tomorrow how I made them.
Happy stamping!

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Tina Adams said...

They are beautiful. Thank you so much for being an elf. It is going to make so many people happy!

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