Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April Onstage 2018

So the theme Friday night at Centerstage (dinner for Silver elite and above) was 1988.  
The year the company was started.  I wasn't thrilled at first to have to dress up from an era 
I spent in maternity clothes, but then I found a fun dress, and hat, and shoes . . .
Friday morning I was up at 6:00 am, the joys of owning a  dog, and decided 
I wanted a bubble skirt under the red coat so I whipped one up, (yes I sew too!)
 and it was a fun addition to the outfit.  1980s Dynasty inspired.
Ignore the naked legs, the nylons I bought were navy, even tho the package said black.  
So better naked legs than weird color combo.

I made these bag tags to swap Friday evening.  I used the Large Number dies, 
but they are retiring now.  Not the letters, just the number set.
Name badge holders were great for the base.

These were the centerpieces Saturday.  An extra large butterfly.  
No, we can't get this size,  the one we can buy is not that large.  

This is the size of the die that will be in the next catalog.
Still fun!

I had a Gluten Free yummy cupcake Saturday!!!
An afternoon treat for everyone.  
So nice they had GF for the people with food issues!

If you'd like to join me at Onstage in the fall, come join my team.  
We'll be in Orlando in November!  
Fun, fun, fun!!!!
30th year party continues!

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lisa808 said...

And she sews too!!! Great outfit and swaps. Looking forward to seeing you in November.

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