Thursday, January 4, 2018

No stamping, just fun stuff!

This was my new decor item this year.  All my outside decor really was sad looking.
This was so easy, I zip tied 3 wreaths together to make the body.  
I had the Santa hat that I stitched onto the wreath, (So it didn't blow away!) 
a length of fleece for a scarf, and some snowflake ornaments, 
that I wired into the wreaths.

Mickey loves being outside.  You'd think he was part St. Bernard.
I had to make him a outfit with boots to protect his foot pads.

This zero and below weather is the pits.


Carolee said...

That is so cute! You are a very talented lady!

lisa808 said...

What fun and creative door decor! Mickey is darling. Glad someone likes snow :)

Kim said...

Thank you!
I love snowmen.

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