Sunday, December 31, 2017

On being an elf.

 No not Elf on the Shelf, but where I was able to help out.  
My friend Sara is a teacher and they needed things for the Santa shop at her school.  
Over one weekend before Christmas, I made 76 hats, 39 calendars, 24 snowman cocoa treat bags 
(forgot pictures) and much more.

They are just the 15 minute fleece hats.  
Quick and cute!  Sizes from Newborn to XL.

So if you are local to me, and have fleece you won't be using, even scraps,
and would like to donate to a good cause, I'll take it!
I am going to start sewing for next year come January.
I have other patterns that take longer to sew with ear flaps and brims and all.
I even have a pattern for a cute fleece purse in the shape of a frog, bear, 
and a duck for little kids.  I like to make things, actually I love to make things.
So I am making the year 2018 the year to sew lots fo things to donate to good causes.

Added 1-3-18
I've had several requests for where I got the pattern.  I didn't find a written one I worked from a picture and some comments.  Here is what I did.

For an adult large hat:
Fleece 1 yard can make 4
long 1/2" scrap of fleece to tie top
thread to match 
sewing machine - There are techniques out there to make these without a sewing machine.  Check Pinterest.
Good cutting scissors

1. Cut fleece 16 x 23"
(To figure size for anyone, measure around head where hat would cover their ears.add 2" and that is your width.  13" - 16" for hat height.  If too tall for someone, retie fringe end lower on hat.  Trim so it's a pom pom rather than flopping over.)
2. Fold in half on 23" length.  Zig Zag or stretch stitch up the 16" side.
3. Fold one end up 2"  Sew straight stitch 1/4" - 1/2" from edge around brim.
4. On other end cut !/2" strips 2  2.5" deep.
5. Gather this end and tie tightly with a 1/2" long scrap of fleece, 
or even matching fat yarn.  
15 minutes you should be done!


Anonymous said...

Oh cute! I don't think I have any fleece left. I used some pieces to make dog and cat beds for the hurricane animals but I didn't have time to make many. So, donated a lot of dog and cat food and cleaning supplies too.

I will watch the dollar bin at Walmart to see if they have anything good. I might even want to make some of those hats too. I know they make baby stuff crocheted and knitted at the hospital but I don't do either. I have an old sewing machine that lost a screw out of it that I need to get fixed and I have my mom's old one that she got when I was born but I think the belt is off of it and something else. It is a Pfaff brand and in a desk type thing with fold out table pieces. I have not tried to use it and have no idea when she had last used it before her Alzheimer's got too bad. Either way, we moved here after she died and I think we have been here 10 years.

I have been wanting to get back to needlepoint and the needle arts but my fingers are not always cooperating.

Well, I need to go check out some stuff. I have been asked to do Valentine's for hospitalized kids and nursing home people so I guess I had better see what I have to begin with. I don't want to really buy any stamps if I can help it. The cards can't have any glittery stuff or embelishments on them. So, I think I am going to need a bunch of stickers at least. I can borrow the retired CTMH demo's stamps too and see what colors of scraps I can have. The stitched framelits are great for these projects.

More later.....

Chris R. from Iowa

Kim said...

These hats are so easy! I'm making more in adult sizes for the homeless shelter. I have a bunch of grey and dark green I got at Joann's for a great price. Has some flaws in it, but I can work around that.

I added the instructions to the blog post.

Shelley Z said...

Kim, These are wonderful! I'm sure Sara appreciated your doing this for her! Thank you for being so generous!

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