Thursday, September 14, 2017

My day with the quilts

Sorry no stamping, just pictures from my Quilt Show trip.

I love fabric, ever since I stood by my Great Grandmother's side and watched her sew
at a treadle machine, I wanted to sew.  I've made a living at it several times in my life, 
but I just want to collect fun fabric and hoard it.  lol
To get to go to the quilt expo, (I' never been there! gasp, what I've missed.) was wonderful.

My first stop after getting inside was the Hope 2 Others booth.
They were collecting hats and blankets for babies in Tanzinia.
Several ladies and I from the Open Knit Group at Silver Thimble Quilt and Yarn Shoppe
worked to make hats for newborns.  We collected 37 hats.

Two days before I left for Madison I made 6 baby blankets
using the Missouri Star Quilt's Easy Binding for Baby blankets.
It was about 30 minutes per blanket with this method.

Lovely people and so excited about the donation.

Their booth.

There was a contest by Cherrywood Fabrics for mini quilts of the Lion King. 
Not a bad one in the bunch.  Items with a Disney Ribbon are going to be on display
on Broadway at the theater.  The lady in the white gloves told us. they ruled everywhere. 
Don't reach for a quilt, you might get your hands slapped.  Understandable, 
who wants their entry back with hand oil all over the edges.

 There were over 60 entries, if I counted right.

 This was the first place winner.  a 3D quilt
Sorry blurry.  front view - African Savannah

 view from left side

view from right side

Another was a contest for quilts with hexagons.

My favorite.  It made me laugh, cows playing soccer, 
or volleyball is what I saw at first.

 Photos of the judged show were posted that photos were only for personal enjoyment,
so I asked, and that means not posting any on my blog.  So I'll be watching for the release
of a video about the entries.

I was so overwhelmed I didn't take pictures of the vendor areas,
which were on both sides of the show set up and huge. 

I did take 3 lecture classes that were well presented. 
1. The Binding Tool - Great class, they gave us a booklet of patterns.
I want to make a table runner with this.

2. Paper Piecing with Mary Hertel - I had bought one of her dog patterns on Etsy
She shared ways to save on fabric when working with her patterns.

3. Using doilies and Lace on your quilted items.
This gal was so fun, great way to wrap up the last hour of the show.
The vest she wore to class had all kinds of lovely trims on it. 
Doilies, hankies, a pocket, bands of lace, buttons and pins.
The class really inspired me to do some altered clothing sewing.

Yes, I did buy fabric.  Not much as I am still decluttering my house. 
But things that caught my eye and spoke to me (you can relate to that
with stamps and papers, right?)

I think that's enough.  I'm tired out again, going over the day.  lol

happy stamping!

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Karen said...

Holy cow -- those Lion King quilts are spectacular, and I know they were even more amazing in person!

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