Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I took last weekend off!

Long post, full of pictures.
I packed a bag, dropped the dog at his favorite place, and went to the Madison area. 
I attended the Wool Festival at Jefferson City Fair Park on Friday and the Quilt Expo
at the Alliant Center Saturday.  It was such a good time. 
I needed to get away for a bit and this was right up my alley.  Wool, yarns, and quilting. 
Didn't know I did something besides stamping? 
Well, that's work, the other is pure fun!

There was all kinds of wool available, for felting, and carding/spinning your own.  

hand dyed yarns

I bought one of these double knit tubes for knitting 2 socks at a time for a friend. 
That purchased happened via info over the phone.  lol
I laugh because you use to be able to tell the crazy people by who walked around
talking to themselves.  Now, people are on the phone and we can't tell who's crazy!

Lovely yarn everywhere.

Ready made items too!

Lots of hats everywhere! 
I had to limit what I took pictures, or how many, of so I didn't burn thru my battery.

AND accessories!  So many accessories!
Sweater fasteners . . . 
Who wants to knit button holes?

Wait!  Buttons of every kind for those button holes!
 wood slices

These were bone.
I bought some leaf shaped buttons, but for purses.

I bought a felted flower. 
Not sure what I'll do with it yet.

Even rabbits were for sale!  There was yarn in this booth made of rabbit fur.
I like my yarn to start on sheep or alpacas.  Most of the rest makes me sneeze.

Gorilla yarn, um, cool, but no.

I enjoyed the sheep herding competition. 
We sat on bleachers, outside the fence area.  It was pretty windy so I didn't stay there long.
It was very interesting,  a gentleman there explained how it all works to the crowd.

I did see sheep but couldn't stay long enough in that building.  It set off my allergies.

Then there were those that bought s much they had to buy baskets!
These ladies were so nice and let me take a picture.

I was wiped out by the end of the event day, 
and headed for the hotel where I was asleep at 8pm.

Tomorrow I'll share about the Quilt Expo.

Happy stamping!


lisa808 said...

Glad you enjoyed a fun weekend getaway.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures! I knit (not a lot) and I quilt (a LOT -- more than stamping), so I know about both of these events even though I live in Ohio. I can enjoy them vicariously through you.

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