Saturday, June 10, 2017

At Home Stamp set and Framelits

Yes I fell down the rabbit hole . . .

At Home Stamp set with matching framelits
Display Stamper cards

oh wait, I didn't get the framelits in my product box for display stamper, 
just the stamp set, so I fussy cut this card!!!
You all know how much I love doing that!  lol

So where have I been?  Just busy with life.
The blog is always the first thing to suffer.  Sorry.
I don't blog to get business, I do this to share the ideas and products.
If I get some orders, yeah!, but that is not my push for this. 
I am not a business driven person.  

When I realized this, I found I was able to enjoy what I do, so much more.
I was going to quit last fall, then after SAB, then in the beginning May.
I had no energy, no brain power, and my house was a disaster.
So I've made an effort to organize everyday and it looks so much better.
I feel better, clutter really depresses me.  I joined a Facebook group, 40 bags in 40 days.
I wasn't able to do much until after Onstage, but it is such a supportive group
and full of so much inspiration, that I feel better about my house.
Now, I realize it took 5 years to get this way due to health issues,
and it won't be better in a week or even a month.  I'm getting there though.
 So now with better health I can get it under control again.

Very good news!!!
I have been doing an exercise program called Essentrics. 
It is by Miranda Esmond White and it's about Reversing Agig. 
She has a book and CDs and an online website.
Yes I'm promoting a business, not being paid to do so though.
This program has changed my life. 

I have been doing this regularly since January. 
May 28 I was going through the program and something gave in my foot
with a pulse of pain.  Remember I popped 2 joints in my right foot when I fell 
15 months ago,and folded the foot against my calf, and there was no hope of repair or healing.

After a few minute I realized the nail gun shooting nails into my foot, level of pain was gone. 
The inner joint on the foot had gone back into place while doing the foot stretch exercises!!!
A week later the joint in the 2nd toe did the same thing.  Both toe joints are back in place!
Take that!!! 4 Doctors who said there was nothing to do for this issue. 
I was told my foot would never be normal again.
I can now walk without that extreme level of  pain.  Whaoo!!

I wont be dancing anytime soon, but I an dancing inside, with every step I can take.
Hoping this healing will give me back my old energy. 
I have been able to do much more around the house!
Thanks for reading to the end. 
Many of you have contacted me to make sure I wasn't sick again. 
I appreciated all the thoughts and prayers you have sent me through this time.
I believe it helped make a difference.

Happy stamping!


lisa808 said...

Nice to see you posting again. Happy to hear you healed your foot yourself.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you yesterday when I was making some cards and thought I wonder how she is doing. Maybe Kim would like a Hey Chic card just because! Well, I now know. Great news about your foot! My house is a mess still, I make a little progress and then 2 steps back. Now, my blood sugars are still wacky and not sure about that. Enough with the sick!

Love your cards! I bet you had a great display at On Stage. I don't think I can choose a favorite of the three as they are all so great! Wishing you the best!

Chris R. from Iowa

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