Sunday, April 9, 2017

Onstage was this weekend!

Well, what a long break, bet you thought that virus I had, won the battle. 
I beat it off, but got so very far behind, and then had an amazing offer that took a lot of time,
energy, and creativity,  I needed to step away from blogging for the past few months. 
Thank you for the cards and emails sharing your thoughts for my well being, 
all the positive energy you sent me to get better, did the trick!
  I hope none of you got that Respiratory Virus, it was pure evil.  Took the fight right out of me. 
I had it for 6 weeks, then a break, and again for a few more weeks.  bleh  That's enough
of being sick, injured feet, or any more surgeries.  What a year of medical bleh, it's been! 

I am ready for amazing things to happen, and they are!
This past weekend was Stampin' Up's Onstage! 
I attended the Minnesota Onstage Local Event with wonderful friends, old and new!
This is Carla, me, and Joyce!
 All right, the gal who took our photo was comfy in a chair
and we didn't make her get up.  So we look a little off kilter. 
Well maybe we three are a little off kilter.  lol
Two of the funniest, and fun to hang out with, ladies I met online, and in person at Onstage.

Though, they made me feel like the jolly green giant.

Beth, from their group, and I, won a NEW greeting set as part of Prize Patrol!
Coming home with new, free, stamp sets, is so great,
AND the new catalog!

One of the other amazing things that happened was I was chosen
to create display projects for the Onstage Event.

I received a box of product from Stampin' Up!,
several months ago, and kept it a secret!, for the catalog that starts in June. 
I created close to 30 projects to feature the items I was given to work with. 

I had to sign a confidentiality agreement.
I can't share until tomorrow!

Til then . . . .


lisa808 said...

Welcome back! Glad you kicked that virus' butt! Congrats on being a display stamper!

Kim said...

Thanks Lisa! Loved seeing all the new products at Onstage! I'll be going to November's in SLC, will you be going?

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