Monday, August 22, 2016

One Wild Ride and my foot

No this foot thing has not been a wild ride, I wish! lol

So I have 2 months of cards sitting here and I am working on samples
for the Holiday catalog.  I realized I better get some pictures online. 
I've had to cut back on stuff due to a sprained toe and a damaged bone in my right foot.
It is exhausting walking around in this boot and surgical shoe.
The shoe on my left foot is for height, so I don't put my back out.  No injury there.
Lovely summer foot wear.  lol

When strangers are rude and ask what the bleep did you do? 
I tell them I landed funny hang gliding.  That shuts them up. 
Remember I am 58 and still heavier than I want to be. 
(I have been able to continue swimming and am up to 1/2 mile swimming laps.)
I love the huh, look I get from people.  They usually walk away then. 
I laugh like crazy inside.  Twisted sense of humor.

I did too many errands today, so had to sit once I was home.
So  I spent the evening taking and editing pictures. 

I'm putting them up without much for words.  
Probably, just the stamp set name. 
Most are inspired or outright cased from other blogs.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
all you talented bloggers that saved my pain filled days. 
I could never have held stamp buffet without your ideas. 
I couldn't design a card to save myself until this last week.

Hope your summer is great!
Enjoy the next few weeks of cards!

One Wild Ride stamp set
Brick Folder Embossing Folder

Happy stamping!


Betsy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your poor foot! From experience, I know that those boot casts are hot and itchy and seem to make the pain even more aggravating. Keep your chin up, Kim! OK, not really...keep your chin DOWN watching your step and watching where everyone else's feet are in relation to yours.

Betsy Z

Kim said...

:-) Thanks Betsy. Hot and itchy and I am grateful it's not a cast at this time of year!

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