Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cheesehad Fun With Cutie Pie Framelits

My downline Tina made  a cute Cheesehead with the Paper Pumpkin kit last fall. 
It inspired me to try one with the Cutie Pie Framelits.
I had some stamps that were locally made to dress it up.
Yes I live in Packer country!
What was Jeff Foxworthy's phrase in his stand up comedy act?
My brother loved his comedy style.  My brother moved to TN 25 years ago,
we gave him a hard time about living there.  Well, he did have a gun rack in his truck,
and t-shirts with the sleeves cut off!
You might be a Redneck if . . .
If you're a cheesehead, you might be a Packer fan. 
side view
Happy stamping!

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Anonymous said...

My husband is a huge Packers fan and there are a lot of them here in Iowa. He would love this! I have done nothing with that Paper Pumpkin kit as I didn't really like what they did with it so it is sitting on the shelf awaiting some other use. He has a friend who lives in Milwaukee and would love one too. Maybe I could put a little packer ornament in there or something else Packer-wise. Is there still a place that has the Green Bay logo stamp etc? I usually do Iowa Hawkeyes for his birthday with a card with such and a shirt but this would be fun for a change and he has asked for a new Packers shirt.

Anyway, I love your blog and had to comment on this special posting!

Chris R. from Iowa

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