Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Watercolored Tulips

So where have I been for weeks?  Well I had a bug that morphed into something wicked. 
That took away 2 weeks of my life I'll never get back.  I hate being sick.
It left me with migraines and vertigo issues.  The room spun round worse than a carousel.
I also got my taxes done and sent off.  That's the latest I've ever done them.
Something off the better get it done list!  lol 
I was also working on sorting, thinning, and pricing all the stamping supplies I decided to get rid of. 
LOTS of stuff.  I filled my whole van when I loaded the bins and boxes up, to take to the sale in Neenah. 
I came home with 5 large empty Rubbermaid tubs and 2 empty case boxes.  Happy dancing here! 
There is another Rubber Stamp Rummage sale April 26, at the VFW hall here in Howard off Hwy 41. 
I'm hoping to get rid of a lot more stuff.  I need this house cleared out, I am a pack rat! 
Especially when it comes to crafting supplies.

I do have new projects to share.  I have the projects done for this month's stamp buffet.
Here is the Art Tag.  I used Work of Art.  It's the width of the Tag Punch.  Measures 2" x about 6".
It's watercolor paper dampened, and stamped, and stamped again after it's dry.

A bit of ribbon, a little lace trim, a button and twine.   I love it.
I cleared the old bark out of one of the flower beds today, I had to be careful the tulips
are up about 5" already!  I can't wait to see all the blooms!  Yeah, it's spring!
Happy stamping!

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