Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Double Bow Builder Punch - Gift Box Topper

A fun way to add a little more to your gift packaging.
Double up that bow.
I threw together a quick picture tutorial for creating this gift box topper.
Double Bow Builder Punch
1. Punch 4 sets of the punch.
You'll only need one of the small rectangles for over the center of the top loop.
Apply Sticky Strip as in the picture.  You need a super strong adhesive to hold these together.
You can also use Tombow Liquid adhesive, you'll just need to hold it a bit until the glue sets.

2. Overlapping just the ends, attach 2 bow loop sections together.
Attach 2 tail sections together.

3. Curl loop sections around your finger or a pen.

4. Attach them at center point. 
Wrap small rectangle around one finished loop section.

5. Layer the loop sections over each other. 
Attached with Tombow Liquid Adhesive or Sticky Strip.

6. Attach the tail sections under the loops, angling them out between the loop sections.

7. Finished bow.  You can add a pearl or rhinestone in the center.
Punch in with the Bow Builder Punch on the 8.5" end of the cardstock.
The fibers in the paper allow the bow section to curl better when punched in this direction.
Below you can see the bow pieces I punched along the 11" side of the paper.
The loops crimped rather than curled.

Happy stamping!

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