Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrate Today - Ballon Set - Shaker card

Easy, Peasy, Shaker card.
I got this card in the QC swap.
No more foam spacers!
It's so easy you could make it in your sleep! 
swap card
I added the In Color Sequins to mine. 
1. Cut Whisper White cardstock 3.75" x 4".  Stamp your desired image. 
    Stamp with the 3.75" being the width of your card.
2. Take one 4" x 6 Cello bag. (Page 200 in the Big Book.  #102757 50 ct for $4.50)
    Slid your stamped cardstock into the cello bag. The 4" is the width of the bag.  It's a snug fit. 
Oops, forgot a picture before the confetti!
Using the Star Confetti punch, some the pieces are from the blue layer. 
Some are from scraps, some are In Color sequins.
3. Turn it over, hold it open, and put your "confetti" onto the clear bag. 
    Tilt so it slides to the bottom.
By adding your confetti after the stamped image is inside,
you don't end up with stuff on the back side.
4. Fold remainder of bag to the back and attach with Sticky Strip.
 Oops again, bad balloon image o the back!  lol 
Shaker card from a cello bag. 
No more foam pieces with corners that leak confetti!
Now just finish off your card as you choose.
Happy stamping!

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