Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tip of the Week and Weekly Deals!

              Tip of the Week:
              Cutting cleanly with the Butterflies Thinlit dies.

To get a nice clean cut I add 2 layers of paper toweling under the cardstock, then 2 layers of wax paper
over the cardstock,  then the new Butterfly Thinlits.  All the small sections get cut so they pop out easily. 
I use a piercing tool or the tip of my scissors and they easily fall out.
 (I'm using a cheaper brand paper toweling.  One layer may be enough of a high end toweling.) 
The paper toweling creates a cushion before the thinlit hits the plate allowing a little more
cutting depth to cut through the cardstock.  The wax paper helps the cardstock pop out of the die.
Nothing worse than cutting 20 of these, and none of them surviving the removal from the die. 
Here's my card for the Stamp Buffet this month,
using the Butterflies thinlits die and Butterfly Basics stamp set.

Weekly Deals!
Happy stamping!

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