Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mini Book - An awesome gift!

This is my Christmas gift from my best friend.
It was in this tin when I unwrapped the gift.
I won't type much, I'll just share some pictures.


The book pages overlap from the left and right.
 The book is held together with ribbons.

 Every page has pockets, and tags in every pocket. 
Front and back of the tags have quotes, music and verses for Christmas.

 Check out this group of tags.
They're held together with a chain.

More tags with Jolly Bingo Bits, on a chain on the cover.

The back of the book.  Lovely here too.
Sigh, awesome gift!


Anonymous said...

Wow that is a fantastic present! I bet it just got better and better as you "unwrapped" layers! I loved how the tin had a clear lid so you can see that great cover! I think I need to play with those stars sometime! Thanks for sharing.

Chris R. from Iowa

Unknown said...

You are a lucky girl! What a sweet and thoughtful gift. What a keepsake.

lisa808 said...

Wow--awesome album/gift!

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