Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting Organized

Did you make a resolution to get more organized this year?  I did too.  I've been working on my stamp space to get things more organized.  I hate hunting for stuff I don't put in the same place twice.  It is a huge waste of  time.  So now everything will have a place.  I was also inspired to declutter and toss, or donate a lot stuff (That's been my problem.  Too much stuff!) I haven't used in forever.  It is very rewarding to clear stuff out that just takes up space on my shelves.
I put my reinkers in some of the Wood Mount stamp cases.
My sponges are sorted by color family.  These are boxes for storing embroidery thread.
My embellishments will now be easy to find.  I'm using a 3 drawer unit to store current embellishments.  I'll get it labeled when I have them all rounded up. 
Want some more ideas for organizing your space?
Click here to see my board on Pinterest with more ideas.
Happy stamping!

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lisa808 said...

Yes, I made a resolution to get more organized--but I haven't been too successful yet! Good luck to you.

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