Thursday, November 20, 2014

Treat Cup Acetate Ornament

This has been around for a while but I have never made one.
It was really easy and I used the Snowflake Sequins from the Holiday Catalog.
1. From acetate, cut a shape for the base layer.  
I used one of the Floral Frames Collection.
2. Stamp snowflakes on the "petals" with White Stazon ink.  Set aside to dry.
3. Punch a snowflake (this is not an SU punch.) and attach with a glue dot
on center of Floral Frames die cut.
4. Fill a Treat Cup with some of the Frosted Sequins from the Holiday Catalog.
Remove adhesive paper cover from rim of Treat Cup.
5. Flip the Floral Frames die cut upside down and press onto the treat cup.
6. Punch a small hole in 2 petals.  They need to be opposite from each other.
7. Cut a 6" piece of wire.  With a round nose pliers form a loop on one end of the wire.
String some beads on the wire.  I alternated teardrop crystals and pearls.
8. Bend other end of wire into u-shape.  Trim off any that reaches below the first bead.
9. Insert into bottom hole of ornament.  Pinch shut.
10. Tie 2 - 3 pieces of ribbon over u-shaped end.
11. Thread an 8" piece of ribbon through the top hole and tie an overhand knot.
I tie a bit of silver ribbon around this knot.
It's now ready for the Christmas tree!
Happy stamping!

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