Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A card a day . . .

Suuurrrreee, you say.  lol  I'm the first to admit my posting history is not reliable. 
Want to come help me clean out a few rooms?  I'm having windows installed,
and need to make room in a few of them, for the crew to get to the windows. 
It will be worth it in the end!
retired stamp set - Autumn Days
The card a day is a challenge from my 4th level upline Susie Reno.
She challenged all 600+ of her downline to participate in 30 days of thankfulness.
There is a contest at the end if we send a card to her too!

I intend to mail or hand out a card a day.  I used to keep some in my bag to hand out to clerks at stores.  I'll be doing that again.  I also found a pile of envelopes from cards I've received over the years.  So I have a starting point.  If you'd like to help me meet this challenge and receive a card in the mail, send me your address.  My email is in the header of the blog.
I'm off to stamp some cards!
Happy stamping!

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Anonymous said...

The first comment did't take. I am in love with the second card with all the great colors and textures. I hope you don't mind if I CASE this card! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Chris R. from Iowa

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