Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Hydrangea Plant

Isn't it gorgeous?  A rich deep pink.
This is a plant I bought at Aldi's and thought oh well one season will be fine.
I planted it here by the front porch, (they need morning sun, and afternoon shade).  In the perfect spot.  It loves it here.

Last year.  See why I am so excited about the color this year? 

Click here  for info on changing the color of your Hydrangeas.
It tell what your plants need to thrive too.  No I'm not turning this one blue. 
I love the pink.
More from the garden.
First time ever this Lily bloomed.  I forgot it was purple.

 This Trumpet Vine has been in this spot for 5 years.  1st bloom ever. 
Actually I found this vine laying on the ground in bloom.  I wove it up
amongst the other vines so the Hummingbirds can find it.

My Echineas have something eating them.  I need to spray them
with the soap-cayenne powder mix to keep the bugs off. 
The same holes are on some of my hostas.

Salmon color Lily  Lots of these bloomed this year.

Buttercup Lily - This had over 40 blooms open at one time. 
I never got a picture that day!
Happy stamping, or weeding!  lol

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lisa808 said...

Beautiful plants! You have a crafty hand and a green thumb!

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