Sunday, June 8, 2014

More Flowers and Deer deterrent

Thank you for the nice emails comments about my flowers.  I hesitate
to put non stamping stuff on my blog as I feel it should stay all business. 
I'm a little burnt out on stamping and need  to do other things. 
     This is 3 feet across.  Lovely quilted leaves.    A red iris someone gave me.
Some people how I manage to keep the deer out.  They know I have deer that travel over my fence and through the yard.  Gee, sounds like a Christmas song.  Two years ago a small doe lived in the back corner of my yard for a few weeks.  Right in the flower bed, it just has ground cover in it.  It took a bit to convince her this was not a deer sanctuary.  She was back again this year, she has a notch in her ear from some injury, so I recognize her.  She is so beautiful jumping the fence but I chased her back out.  She's bigger this year and a wild animal.  She'd still strike out if she got scared.  Kids and dogs come with my visitors now and then, I don't want them to have a run in with her.  There is a wetlands behind my property,
she can live there.  Not to mention the chance of deer ticks in the yard.

A giant blue Hosta.

The deer don't treat my flower beds like a salad buffet.  I spray my flowers and hostas with a natural ingredient recipe that they do not like.  They do sample a bit.  Once they get a taste of the sprayed on mixture they leave them alone. 
It works for rabbits too.

Here's the recipe:
Mix in blender
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1 Tablespoon oil - any works
Pour into gallon container
1 Tablespoon dish soap - Dawn blue works best
Swish well to blend in soap without making a lot of bubbles
Fill gallon container with water
1/8 cup Tabasco sauce
I think the smell of the Tabasco sauce and egg on the plants scares them off after they eat it once.
The dish soap and oil help it stick to the plants.  I've tried cheating on the recipe but it didn't work as well.  it doesn't smell bad, or I have lost my sense of smell.  lol
I mix up a 2 gallon container of this in a hand pump sprayer, and spray around my beds.  When first doing this I had to be very diligent.  The rabbits were there right after it rained and munched away.  I had to get out there asap, and spray everything.  Now they don't even venture into my yard much.
This is what I thought was my kool aid iris.  Nope must have lost that. 
This one is called midnight something.  It's a beautiful deep purple.
My poppies are almost done.  I love these, short lived as they are.
These bloomed for the first time in 5 years of owning them. 
Hmm. they were suppose to be blue.  They need to be moved to the end 
of the house, where the other brown and red iris are located.  Still very pretty.
I'm working on posts of cards with new stamps today,
so I'll be back sharing cards again.  :)
Happy stamping!


Carolee said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing!

Wendy Coffman said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe!

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