Saturday, June 7, 2014

My new stamp stuff arrived!

No cards to share yet.  I took a break from stamping while waiting for my order to arrive.  I'm trying to finish up some house and yard projects.  I finally got the basement organized and am finishing the stamp area.  Yeah!  Some projects jut seem to last forever!  lol
Here are a few things blooming in the yard. 
They make it so enjoyable to be outside.  I love the different Iris.
This is my one blossom on my Clematis.  I think it gets too much shade here.
I'll move it to the backyard for more sun once I finish the arbor for back there.
That's a grape kool aid scented iris in the front. 
The blossom is so heavy I had to stake it, before it broke off.
This is my single layer Peony.  It is so much darker than previous years.  Almost as dark as Cherry Cobbler.  It's still in a pot as I don't have a spot to put it!  I'm working on finishing a large sunny area flower bed.  Then it will have a permanent home.
This was my try at a vignette for the front yard.  Umm, nope, tore it apart last night after looking at it for a day and not liking it.  The ladder annoyed me. 
Much better!
This little chair was painted years ago then stuffed in the rafters of the garage.  Something else I am working on cleaning out.  I like this vingette.  I did run around with the weed eater, lol, but after the picture.
Now I'm off to sort some orders and stamp some thank you notes!
Happy stamping!


Cherie said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! I truly love flowers but if I put them out front the deer eat them and if I put them in my fenced in back yard the darn peacocks from next door eat them so I gave up! Thanks for sharing yours!

Rosemary said...

I really enjoyed looking at the photos of your yard, flowers & especially the cute blue chair! You have beautiful flowers and yard!

lisa808 said...

Your garden and flowers are beautiful.

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