Monday, May 5, 2014

New Catalog Goodies Have Arrived!

I can't show the actually products, but I do intend
to do something with the Blendabilities later today.
I'll share my finished card.
This is the stamp room so far.  Major overhaul. 
I am at one end of the room.  My table is still piled high.
Lots to get rid of yet.  I'll have to thin again once it's in order
as at 11:00 pm last night I just started shoving stuff
on shelves or in drawers.  I have to insulate the top part of the end wall too. 
It gets very cold at that end of the room during the winter. 
The bottom half is already insulated,
I ran out of the foam and need to go to Home Depot again.
I need to move the shelf sitting in the center of the space upstairs.
I had no strength left to do that last night.
Oh, I need to paint the ceiling yet.  I have all the edging done
so now that I can get around in the room, I'll drape plastic
over the shelves and use the roller.  I'll be so glad when I get this done!
This arrangement will work so much better than the other way
I had the room set up.  For one thing I'll have a larger table to work on!  lol
Though I'll stamp at the kitchen counter later today,
to play with the new products, if I need to! 
First I have flower beds to clean out.
Happy stamping!

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