Saturday, April 12, 2014

First Sign of Spring

These are the first to bloom in my year.  Or should I say this one? 
Just one lonely Iris Specie plant came up this spring.  The other greens are dandelions. 
Those are a bigger sign of spring in my yard!
This is about 4" tall and the bloom last a good week, unless it freezes. 
It's raining steadily today, but I don't think we'll get snow, or freezing temps.
I am so ready for warmer weather!
This is my handcrafted sign of spring.
A bunny "wreath" for the door.
I made this with a garland length of grapevine. 
I did double layer rings for the head and body.
The ears I bent carefully, soaked overnight in water then tied them
into an ear shape and left them until they dried.
It's all wired together.  I need some moss to glue on over the wire. 
Always hide the mechanics of how stuff is put together!  lol
I needed to get it hung and a photo taken yesterday in the sunshine,
before it got grey and gloomy and wet.
The pink tulips were from the dollar store.  The beaded spray was
a candle ring I had already, and cut apart to use.
A burlap bow and it was ready to go.  Well, I need to add the moss yet. 
It's not stamping, but it sure makes me happy when I walk in my door.  :)


Karen said...

Your bunny wreath is very cute! What a good idea. I am glad you shared even if it is not stamping. :-)

lisa808 said...

Your bunny wreath is adorable.

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