Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Busy painting here . . . .

No new cards to share, I tore my stamp room apart
and am remodeling before I get new catalog goodies!
Good bye ugly 1970's floor!
New floor tiles.  Not my first choice anymore for the floor,
but they have been sitting here for a few years waiting to go in.
Once all the stuff is back in place, you'll only see the center of the room anyway!
I painted the walls a lovely cream, once it dried it was more pink. 
Yuck against the white/beige floor tile.  So I am going over the walls again with white.  Easier to paint than do floors again.  My knees are killing me.  I even had high grade knee protectors to wear.   I am so glad I wore them, I can't imagine the pain I'd be in otherwise!
Adding more heat to the space,
so the tiles stay stuck to the floor.
This is why I can't stamp.
Everything is shoved everywhere.
 Now to move it back and do the rest of the room.
It'll be soooo nice once I am done!
See, way too much stuff!  I see a thinning in my future.
 Yes, I did shimmy in between that shelf and wall to paint it white. 
The things I do,  geesh
 Happy stamping!

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