Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Scrapbook Card Tutorial - MDS Blog Hop How Tos

 Free standing scrapbook card.
This card is created by attaching 3 Circle or Designer card Thinlits Die cut shapes together.  You'll need one regular cut card panel and 2 extended cut card panels.
 To create an extended cut slide the 8.5" x 5.5" cardstock over the end of the cutting die.  It might emboss some but the cutting side is on the other side of the die so it won't cut the base.

Trim one of the extended panel to 6.75" in length.  Score at 6.25".

To attach the first 2 panels you use the full 8.5" extended panel and the one you trimmed to 6.75".  You'll need to trim away the end on panel one that shows in the label opening of the 6.75" panel.
 I traced the edge, then punched it away with the Jumbo Oval punch.
Attach the first 2 panels together with the edge of #1 at the fold of #2.

The end is hidden in the fold on the back side.

Attach the regular cut card on the left edge, to the 3/4" edge of the 6.75" panel.
This is the view before I trimmed the 2nd panel to 6.75".
I flipped the middle panel upside down, for the scrapbook card. 
You wouldn't need to.

The end is again hidden in the fold on the back side.
On the front I tried to hide where the ends overlapped with Washi tape and an image piece.  In the second photo you can see the overlap under the 12345 piece.
I added Washi tape to the left end to balance out the card.
Have fun with it.  Decorate the card with things you love,
or tell a story as I tried to do.
Josh at 18 months, loved this toy.  He liked to roll it to the cat, we had a large calico cat, Jenna, at the time.  She'd head butt it, so it rolled back to him.  They entertained each other all the time.  It had bells in it and different color spheres.  When the bells stopped I always went to check on them.  Once I found them both snacking on dry cat food.  Ewww!
I added the tag with the month and circled the date.
The arrows were lots of fun and bring attention to details on the card.
So that's it. 
Guilt is now gone.  It took too long to get this up.
Happy stamping!

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