Sunday, November 24, 2013

12 Weeks to an Easier Christmas - Week 7

                                  Hi all!
I have been going on full throttle for the last 2 weeks. 
Way too many events and sales.  Today is about catching up.

I think an easier Christmas would be to just book a trip to someplace warm
and restful.  :)  Oahu is nice.  I've been there.  I could do the tourist stuff,
or relax on a quiet beach. 
More than likely, I will be in the middle of holiday chaos.
So to help make the chaos better ask yourself . . .
 What's best for this year?
Do you need to make yourself crazy trying to replicate
the DIY holidays perfection shown on TV and blogs? 
Or should it be about the people, the fun, and the times shared?
Right about now I should be mailing out my Christmas cards.  It never happens, 
every year I mail at the last minute. I don't even have an idea for a card to create.  I am that burnt out.  So despite the fact that I teach people how to create cards, I might send store bought cards.  I want people to know I remember them and am thinking of them at the holidays and always.  Recently I found a cute box of Santa decorated cards from before Stampin' Up! came into my life. 
Now if I can find them again . . . lol
Maybe I should send cards in July?  You know, like having a half birthday?
Christmas in July, it's been done by others. . . .
Okay if you want to make your own cards there is still time. 
Here are some quick and cute cards done by some very creative stampers.
Dawn has some other ideas and a list of materials.
Lovely layered stamping cards.
Hope this helps you get your cards done!
Happy stamping!

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