Have you ever noticed the, uh, occasional reference to llamas on Stampin' Addicts and wondered 'what's that all about?' Well, here's the back story:

In May 2007, a bunch of SU demos (not on SA; we only date back to Feb 2009) were getting rather antsy for the new catalog. Alas, the catty's release was weeks away.

To pass the time, a stamper going by the screen name Charlalei started a thread asking all the other demos to chime in with what type of stamp sets they were hoping the new catty would hold. The final paragraph of her original post: 'I wants some freakin' llamas. Or alpacas. Doesn't matter which. Just give me something like that.'

At first, the responses were standard wishlist fare--wrestling sets, salt water (not fresh water) fishing sets, more flowers, no more flowers!, new masculine sets, etc.

Then, toward the bottom of the first page, someone cracked a joke--about Demo Support fielding calls asking for a freakin' llama set--and shared a scientific fact: llamas are not pretty when they freak.

Another poster mentioned the catty still had Stinkin Cute, so why not Freakin' Llamas? Then note was made that it was probably the Stinkin' Cute squirrel that had freaked the llamas out in the first place.

Demos continued to mention the types of sets they'd like to see. And somehow, many of them seemed to dovetail with the llama concept:

Nurse set? Useful for sending get well cards when someone gets bit by a freakin' llama.
More sentiments? Oh yes, like 'save the drama for your mama, you freakin' llama'!
A martini set? Ooooo, better keep the llamas away from that. . . .

You get the idea.

But you gotta understand: it was a whole month 'til the new catty release. These ladies were desperate.

And the llamas and the freakin' llama jokes saved them. For which these demos remain ever grateful. The rest, as they say, is history.

And seriously, think about it: Is there any animal known to stampers more suited to serve as their muse than the noble llama?