Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Blog Hop How tos - Birch Log Table Centerpiece

My first thought when I can up with this idea was no way
am I going to dig around in the wood pile for a log.  Spiders rule the wood pile. 
urrrgh, shudder!
So I needed a faux log. 
I came up with this for a log!  A pool noodle! 
I spied it at the check out of the Dollar Store.
To create a faux log, cut the noodle at 18".  You'll have enough for one more faux log and for a table leg protector.  lol  It hurts when I whack my toes on the table leg!  I cut a slit the length of the leftover so it would wrap around the leg.  Works better than a pipe wrap, it's thicker!
You could cut the noodle into 1/3s and get three from it. 
I got 2 18" logs and the 12" table leg "toe" protector.  You could get 3 16" logs.

To cut 1/3 of the tube away to create a flat base. 
I cut a slit the length of the 18" piece of the noodle,
then made another cut to remove 1/3 of the noodle.
To cover the faux log:
You'll need a 5" x 20" piece of birch paper ribbon or any other paper.  You could tape a piece of dsp together to get a piece long enough.  A 6" width of dsp would make it easier to wrap around to the bottom.  Just hide your seam on top with leaf die cuts.
Attach sticky strip tape to each long edge.  Adhere one side at a time to the noodle. 
Leaving the same amount hanging over each end.
To cover end:  Fold in from outer edge to center using sticky strip to hold it down.
Faux Log

For the poles I used Bamboo skewers.  The pointed end pierced right through
the birch paper ribbon and foam.  I pushed them in until they hit the table.
I attached each end leaf to the poles with glue dots. 
The little clothespins are covered with the Chevron Halloween Washi tape. 
I cut a piece the length of the clothespin then cut it to the width of the clothespin before adhering the Washi tape to the clothespin.
The banners were a 2" length of tape folded over the Linen thread. 
I cut the ends after they were on the thread.
The acorns on here were die cut from the Chocolate Chip paper ribbon and Crumb Cake caps.  The small circles are 3/4" circle punched form one of die-cut chalkboard labels.  I wrote all the words with the new Chalk Marker.
 Thanks for stopping by!
Happy stamping!

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Tina Adams said...

All of the projects are really pretty. Thanks for showing the different pieces and how they are made.

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