Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Technique Tuesday - Faux Flocking

I just did the centers of the flowers to show the technique. 
You could do the complete flower with 2 different colors.

Materials needed:
powder pal or a pan of some type
Stampin' Up! distressing tool
cardstock in the color you need
markers the color of your cardstock
Crystal Effects
New Stamp - Wildflower Meadow This is just part of the whole stamp.

1. Hold the cardstockcardstock, as you would to distress it. 
You will notice small, fine cardstock bits collect in your powder pal. This is the Faux Flocking material. Keep distressing, you’ll need a lot!

2. On Whisper White cardstock, stamp the image you want to add flocking to.  Color in the area with the same color marker as your faux flocking cardstock.  This will fill in any open spaces between the bits of flocking.

3. Place a small amount of Crystal Effects in the area you will be putting the flocking on.  (Shown on flower on the right.)  Spread it around in a thin even layer. Using a tweezers drop the flocking over the Crystal Effects.  (See flower in lower left corner.).

4. Pat down gently so that it sticks well.  You want to make sure all the faux flocking is stuck into the Crystal Effects or it will fall off your card.
Once dry enough, 15 - 30 minutes depending on your humidity level.  :)  You can finish your card.
Happy stamping!

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