Friday, March 15, 2013

Stamp Camp Cards

I went to a friend's stamp camp up in Mountain, WI. 
I had a great time and met wonderful new people.
This was one of the cards.  I made 3 of them, (2 for special friends because,
Gasp!, I don't have this stamp!) and decided to do three styles of coloring.
This was done with Blender Pens and ink refills.  I put drops of the ink
 in the lid of the ink pads as the extra gets soaked up by the ink pad.
This card was done with the Watercolor Crayons.  It has too much color. 
I was a little heavy handed with the crayons.  I colored in the image, 
then went over them with the Blender Pen.
This last card was done with the Watercolor Pencils, 
 I went over the colored image with the Blender Pens.
After they were all done I decided the background was too white.
I used the spritzer tool to speckle it and add some texture.
So which method would you like to try?
Happy stamping!

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