Monday, January 14, 2013

Stampin' Up! Leadership 2013 Day 1

Stampin' Up! puts on the best events!  I love attending them.  My photos are not many.  I think I bumped my settings button and changed something.  It has nothing to do with me as photographer.  lol

Thursday Check In
This banner greeted us above the Gathering Place entry.  Sorry it was so shadowed I couldn't get a good shot.  I do think it's time for a new camera.

Stampin' Up's great staff arriving.  Really, they are wonderful.  They answer any question, even the ones asking where is room 314A when you are standing right in front of it.  lol  One of the photographers was so great, he let a demonstrator (not me!) draw a Harry Potter lightening bolt on his forehead before we got on the bus for Hogwarts.  I do think it is just the best business to work for and I am at the demons.
Getting our materials packet, before going upstairs to pack bags of product
to donate to teachers in the local school district.
My room mates Lisa and Carolee, 
as we headed up to the 4th floor to Make a Difference.
Here is part of a row of 8 tables where we picked up product to bag up for the teachers.
They received 3-4 designer paper packs, 5 ink pads, lots of markers, stamp sets, punches, several rolls of ribbon and other embellishments plus catalogs.  Even some items from past convention Memento Mall offerings, kleenex, chapstick, pens, and such.  They were heavy to carry ast the end!  We got to personalize (with a note) a tag we then tied on each bag we filled.  What a great bag of stuff for a teacher.  We were told closing day we packed over 2000 bags.  I filled 11 before I ran out of time, and I got a great cardio workout running up and down the tables the length of the ballroom.  Many of the teachers do not have art or craft supplies in their rooms.  I really hope these make a difference.
Thursday night was the Manager's Reception at Hogwarts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This event was the motivation for me to work my business  and reach the Manager level.  I want to thank each and every one of you who helped me reach this goal.  All of your support, encouragement, those of you who signed up to be a part of my team, and all the customers who ordered more product than they probably needed during those months.  lol  I thank each of you.
 We had to have the ticket that was mailed ot us to get on the bus
to take the trip to all the fun and adventure.
Staff wore Gryffindor scarves.  It was 80 degrees.  They had to be hot.
The park was lit for night so my shots are not good ones.
This greeted us as we entered Hogwarts.
There was a huge variety of food for us to sample off buffet tables.  These turkey legs I passed on.  Another demonstrator's hubby was so great to pose for a picture!  I totally forgot to get his name, though, so sorry about that.  I did find plenty of food on the buffet that was gluten free, so I stayed in my food plan.  I did not want to get sick the first night!
The staff was in cotume throughout the park area.  It made it more fun.  Here Carolee got her picture taken with the group of singers who represented the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book.  They performed about every hour and it was wonderful.
Here is where I bumped my camera settings.  These are some of the shops represented in the Hogsmead area.  I bought a wand for Lisa in the wand shop, and checked out the sweet shop, but after 4 Butterbeers I passed on odd flavored Bertie Bott's jelly beans.  :D
I even went on the Blue Dragon roller coaster.  I was too dizzy to try the castle roller coaster with the 3D visuals,  I was afraid of being ill on the ride, so I sat that one out.
I had a blast!
Okay this is really long so I'll wrap up and do another post for the other days.
Happy stamping!

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