Friday, November 16, 2012

It's a new app from Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up! has created a card-making application, and we already have a great name for it: Simply Sent! This iPhone app allows customers to create an e-card-from a template or completely on their own-and send it via e-mail or post it on Facebook. And it's free!  

Here's something you should know about this app: it's not My Digital Studio on a mobile device, not even close.  This scaled-back version will only give customers a taste of what they can create when they buy MDS. We want to get our name and our art out there so more people than ever
before will know about Stampin' Up!

We hope you'll get excited about it as well and that you'll do the following:
Download it from iTunes or the App Store, share it with all your friends, and post a review!  The more positive reviews it gets, the more prominent place it takes in the iTunes store.
Try it out!

 Simply Sent can email, post to Facebook, tweet or save your photo to your device.
There are 10 templates (backgrounds) to choose from or you can start with a blank slate. You can put a basic DSP in the background (mostly polka dots and stripes). You can put in photos from your device. There is a limited number of ribbons, buttons, quote balloons and paper tape to add also. All of these can be shrunk, stretched and rotated.
You can add text, but only a few words at a time or it doesn't all show up on the project. There are about a dozen fonts to choose from and it always shows in black.
It is a very scaled down and simple version of MDS, but perfect for sending fast cards to people. 

Happy tweeting! 

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