Sunday, September 30, 2012

10-4-10 Christmas cards

Well, no posts in over a week.  I had blogger open one day to post and needed a photo, which involved finding the camera again.  sigh.  That didn't happen that day.  Life just gets busy some months.  I had 32 people at last week's 10-4-10 class.  Lots of prep for that class. 
We made these fun cards.
Santa Suit card  -  Embossed Squares  -  Snowman card
3D Christmas Tree  -  Reindeer Embossed  -  Santa Triangle card
Embossed White on White Trees 

Masking Technique Layered Card 
Silver Embossed Snowflakes 
Faux Pocket Sucker card 
If you'd like any or all of these cards, (or more 5 of one style) let me know in an email.  I can get them made up and mailed out to you for $2.00 each plus a small postage charge.
Happy stamping!

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