Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Am . . .

     inspired . . .
Late classes I am usually sleepy and drift in my thoughts.  Emily Montoya gave an afternoon presentation that was so inspiring, the class ended before I wanted it to.  In the I Am Reaching Out class she shared more ideas for connecting with other generations.  Tips for being a better blogger, :).  Also ways to run better workshops.  I was so busy taking notes I forgot to take any pictures!
Convention 2012 was amazing.  You should join my team and come with next year!
I do have some display board pictures from The Gathering Place to share with you.

This is the Big Shot BigZ Bird die!!!
A fish!  Who'd of thought!  Someone very creative!
Happy stamping!


Sarah Biswabic said...

Hi Kim, did you make this? It is so cute:)

Kim said...

No Sarah, it's not my card. It was a sample on the display boards.

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