Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sesame Street Treat Bags and Toys

Scallop Circle Treat Bags
Using the color cardstock for the character you want to create.
Die cut a Box #2 die shape and cut off the top flaps. Create the box.
Attach a 1" x 12" strip to both sides of box for handle.
Cut 2 large Scallop Circles. Score and fold at 1 1/4" on each circle.
Attach this short flap to bottom of box overlapping Scallop Circles.
Attach top edge of circles to box sides.
Create the face for the character you are making. 
See punch art chart for how tos.
You could also use colored pails, gift sacks, or lunch tins for goodie bags. 
 Just attach the faces on matching color containers.  Easy Peasy!
The Character Suckers:

One piece colored tissue to match the character 5 1/2" x 8"
Use coordinating color suckers,
or wrap the suckers in 2 layers of white tissue first.
 So the sucker paper color doesn't show through.

Fold tissue in half so it measures 4" x 5 1/2".  Fold down over sucker.
Fold in sides, fronts and back.  Smooth all creases.  Gather at neck and tie. 
You could use curly ribbon.  I used Baker's Twine.
I used the Owl punch to punch out the eye circles.
You could also use:
White 1/2" circles
Black 1/4" circles
Mouths: 1" Circle punch or Large Oval punch
Cookie 3/4" punch Chocolate Chip Marker
For Big Bird I cut a section of tissue feathered one edge
 and glue it to the top of the sucker for a feather tuft.

The sucker tree is a Styrofoam cone covered in green tissue paper. 
 I glued it to a sturdy black candle stand.  I use it for craft shows. 
The bottles are wrapped in cardstock and the faces created as for the treat bags.  I found a 4 pack of bubbles at the Dollar Store.  The 4th bottle was purple though.
Frisbees and Tops:

The Frisbees were easy.  Another 3 pack dollar store find.  These were for the Cars movie.  I cut the larger of the 2 scallop circles from Scallops #2 and ran it through the Big Shot twice to get the furry edge.  Just turn the scallop so the bumps show between the cardstock bumps and cut again.  Then add the faces for the characters.  I cut 3" circles of 2 sided adhesive sheets and attached the faces to the Frisbees with that.
The tops were a little harder with the spinner handle in the middle.  I had to fold the scallop circle (Created the same way as the Frisbee circles.) to get the Crop A Dile in the center to create the hole.  If you have the old style hole punch for eyelets or the Big Bite, those would work for this.  What  I did was run the cardstock through the crimper in 2 directions after punching the hole.  Elmo I managed to bend and not crease but the Oscar circle was mangled.  So the crimper!  these tops were a 2 pack at the Dollar Store.
You do dress up many other toys. 
Remember your age group when buying goodies. 
No small pieces for under age 3.
Happy stamping!

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