Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Treats

I am gluten intolerant so I didn't make a cake for the display that I couldn't eat,
or go big on cupcakes.  What I did make I sent home with my son on Saturday.
Faux cake pops! 
I used marshmallows as the base rather than cake.  These I could eat!
There are lots of  great sites for making cake pops. 
Just google "make your own cake pops", or do the marshmallows!
I used bamboo skewers, not recommended they shed fibers.  Lollipop sticks are better.  I used Wilton Red Chocolate Wafers and only went through 1/2 a bag for 12 Elmos.  I dipped the skewers in the chocolate, stuck them into the marshmallows, and popped them in the freezer to help them firm up. 
I didn't take a picture but I stuck them in a jar of dried beans
while I worked on them.  That way they stayed standing up.
I reheated the chocolate a few seconds then rolled the marshmallows
 in the chocolate, coating them well.  Back in the freezer!
I dribbled the red chocolate over a few of the "heads" after they chilled, but it was time consuming.  I would fuss a lot more for a real party.  I just needed photo ready for this. 
I used chocolate to attach the candies.  The eyes are actually mints from the Jelly Belly dispenser area.  That was fun!  Not!  Some eyes rolled away, good thing I bought extras, because I don't eat off my floor.  The mouth is 1/2 a chocolate coin and the nose a Jelly Belly jelly bean. The black pupil is the Black Gel Writer.

The cupcakes are made with Mini Ice Cream Cones.  The cones are about 3" tall.   Great for a  young child's birthday.  I cut up chocolate cupcakes and put them inside the cones (Less time to do that!).  Then frosted them with store bought icing that I colored with Wilton Paste Coloring.  You get a deeper color with them.  You could bake cupcakes in the cones too.
For the Wormy cupcakes, Oscar's best friend.  I blended brown paste coloring in just until it looked like dirt.  I didn't want dark brown.  I cut the Mini Sour Gummy Worms in half.  Sticking each end down through the frosting into the cupcake. 
I used the Black Gel Writer for all the eyes.
After mixing blue frosting, I frosted my fake cupcakes creating little points in the frosting.  I  put on the mints for eyes.  So much easier in frosting.  Not one rolled away!  The cookies are by Keebler, they are individual packets called Gripz.  I created a dent in the frosting to hint at the mouth, and placed the mini cookies around it.

The infamous Big Bird cookies.  They don't look half bad if you don't look too close.  I found Gluten Free sugar cookies to make these.  I wanted to eat something besides marshmallows! 
I frosted the cookies using a pull away technique to make tufts in the frosting.  The eyes are the mints from the Jelly Belly dispenser area.   The beak is made of 2 yellow jelly beans   They stand on end in the frosting.  For the mouth I tried to dribble red chocolate on the beak.  That's where things went very wrong and I couldn't stop laughing, so they only got worse.  It was also 11:00 pm that night.  So some cookies I just put sprinkles on and let it go.

 That's the sweets!
Not much stamping but very yummy!

Thanks for following along.  It's been fun! 
You could do this whole party for $20 - $30.

Happy stamping!

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Awesome spread!!! How totally fun. :D

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