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Sesame Street Wall Decor and Banner

It's a long post but there were a lot of details to share.  I made the 4 of these
in an hour.  It took way longer to type this post!  lol  My spell check isn't working
so there are probably spelling errors.  I'm cross eyed from proofing it.
I see in the original picture some of the circles flipped over and I never noticed that.  geesh   Here is what the lettering on the banner looks like spread out.
I had extra character faces so I added them to the banner.  You wouldn't have to, then this banner could be saved and used for any birthday where you use primary colors.  I used 1 3/4" to 4" circles for the shapes.  I laid a line of them down.  Applied Sticky Strip tape to each one in the center, and laid the Baker's Twine over that.  Then press on another circle.  Most I did matching sizes but a few I did a smaller one on the back.  I ran out of the larger sizes.  You could even do different colors back to back, if this was going in a doorway or window.

The Wall Decor
These were so easy to create using my Big Shot and the Designer Rosette die.  If you don't have the Rosette die you can order it from my online store or you can create the folds by scoring them with the Simply Scored or another scoring tool.

Big Shot and Rosette Die or Simply Scored
paper in colors for each each character
skewer or dowel and binder clip
long needle and cord or pipe cleaner and cord
Sticky Strip tape
Crop A Dile, Big Bite Crop A Dile or a 1/4" hand punch
Assorted color scraps for eyes, noses and such

I'm showing paper for Big Bird but the base circle for all the characters is made the same way.  I just used narrower paper for each.
Big Bird: Full width of the die  or 5" x 11" or 12" cardstock
Oscar: 4.5" x 11" or 12" cardstock
Cookie Monster: 4.5" x 11" or 12" cardstock
Elmo: 3.25" x 11" or 12" cardstock

You can use 11" or 12" width cardstock.  Your head will just be a bit less full.  Oscar was done with 11" cardstock.  Place the cardstock on the die just below the edge with the holes. 
1. Die cut 4 Rosette die strips for each head.
(If using the Simply Scored or another scoring tool, score 12" or 11" long paper at 1/2" intervals then cut into whatever width needed.  Saves on the scoring.)
2. Apply Sticky Strip Tape to one end of each piece.
3. Attach sections to each other to create one very long strip.  Do not attach last piece of Sticky Strip tape.  This would create a loop and makes it very hard to work with.  You'll attach that later.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this. 

4. Fold the long strip back and forth gathering it as you go.
I folded it over the edge of the table to keep the folds sharp and straight.
I folded the whole length then gathered it on a skewer.   This is where the die is so cool.  It cuts that opening in one end.  I used the skewer as it had the loop at the end to keep the paper on it.  You could use a dowel or such also.  Just clip a binder clip on one end.

If you are not using the Rosette die, you will need to punch holes in one end to gather and tie the circle.  Use a Crop A Dile, a Big Bite Crop A Dile, or a 1/4" hand punch.  You can punch several layers at a time as you gather the long strip.  I had to do this for 3 of the 4 characters.  Cutting them narrower elminates the loop.  SOOOO, I suggest you die cut with the loop edge to keep it easy, and cut the other edge at an angle. 

If not using the Rosette die . . .
After folding the long strip cut sections at an angle to get the pointed edge.
Have your needle and cord ready at this point.  I used thicker jute cord. 
If you don't have a long needle you can use a pipe cleaner (or even a wire) just twist a loop at one end for the cord.  Once it's all on the skewer, scrunch it together keeping the folds in place.
Hold it firmly, slide off the skewer and thread the needle and cord (or pipe cleaner) through the holes.  Wonky camera shot!
Tie the ends together tightly. 
Attach the edges together with the last Sticky Strip.
That's the base circle.  If you use the die and cut keeping the loop end you will have a useable circle.  If you want that pointed edge you will need to cut the folded and gathered sections to a point as shown above.

I used Sticky Strip to attach all the face pieces.  I pressed down firmly when attaching them.
Big Bird:
Beak: 3" x 10" cardstock - Score at 5" and fold in half.  Trim each side from edge to a curved center.  You can cut a piece of copy paper 3" x 5", fold this in half the long way cut into a beak.  Attach covering the center of the Rosette.
Inside the beak is a Pumpkin Pie tongue.  It's the beak pattern trimmed shorter and a bit narrower.

2 1 3/4" white circles
1 Pretty in Pink1 3/4" white circle
1 Bashful Blue 1 3/4" white circle
2 Black 1" circles
Layer black circles in center of white circles.
Cut pink and blue in half.  Layer over black pupols.  The pink just a bit higher than the blue.

I attached a 1 3/4" Wild Wasabi circle over the center of the Rosette before attaching the face. 
This was the only character you could see the center in.
The mouth is a 2" x 5" rectangle hand cut into a curve.
The Real Red tongue, is a Large Heart punch - hand trim the tip off. 
I didn't worry over the edges being perfect.  It's Oscar!

2 1 3/4" white circles
2 Black 3/4" circles
1 2" Scallop Circle - cut in half
Layer black circles on white.  Angle halves of scallop circle for eyebrows. 
Remember Oscar needs to look grouchy. 
I also made snips in the Rosette edges after he was all assembled.  He just looked too neat and tidy!

Cookie Monster:
Trim 1/3 off a 3.5" black circle for the mouth. - Attach covering the center of the Rosette.
2 white 1 3/8" circles
2 Black 3/4" circles - layer on off center.

Cookie:1 3/4" Crumb Cake circle. 
Color on spots with, what else, a Choclate Chip marker!
Attach to mouth.


Cut a black 3" circle in half for the mouth.
2 white 1 1/4" circles
2 black 3/4" circles - center on white circles
Nose: Pumpkin Pie 1 3/4" circle. 
Attach nose over center of Rosette, over eyes and mouth.

That's the wall decor.  If you don't want to create the Rosettes you could just cut out circles from cardstock and create the faces.  :)  Have fun!
Happy Stamping!

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I LOVE ALL OF THIS SESAME STREET!!! I will be having my daughters birthday this theme and now I have all these great ideas. THANK YOU!!!

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