Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Hop Stats

It's Friday already!!!  Where did this week go?! 
I feel like I've been in a spin cycle.  I cannot keep up!

I'll go work on the how-tos for the hop while you check to see if you are a winner here.
I always check my stats when we have a blog hop.  It's fun to see where all my visitors are from.
The most visits when I checked were:

Total Visits: 138

Location: Greenwood, Indiana, United States

IP Address: ------  Sbc Internet Services

The next highest visits were shown was:

Total Visits: 122

Location: Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

IP Address: ----- Arcor Ag

So those really impressed me when I saw the next highest number.
The next highest number was a visitor from:

Total Visits: 45

Location: Eaton Rapids, Michigan, United States

IP Address: Broadstripe

Now you may have visited more than that but are good about clearing your cookies, on the computer!,  so wouldn't be able to keep a tally of your visits.  No big deal if a site does.  It just a way to monitor traffic.

So I decided to do a visitor reward and send a pack of 4 cards created with the set, Fresh Vintage, hahaha, you thought I'd say Elementary Elegance.  Well despite choosing it for the blog hop, I struggle to come up with ideas for it.   So if you live in or near these cities and that is your Internet provider drop me an email and I will send out a set of cards to you.

Then for kicks I did a random draw, and this was the visitor selected. 
All 4 visitors will receive a set of 4 cards with envelopes.
True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 394


The winner is:
Total Visits: 7

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

IP Address: Aapt Limited

If you are one of the visitors shown,
drop me a line, let me know your mailing address
and I will send out the set of cards out to you.

Happy stamping!


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