Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Blog 2011 Hop How Tos

Stamping on candles:
To do this you stamp on tissue paper. Mine is from the $1 Store. It is shiny on one side so I stamp on the dull side. Measure around your candle and cut the tissue that long. I cut mine just a little shorter than the height of the candle. For my candle which is 3” tall with a 3” diameter, I cut a piece of tissue that is 2.75” x 9.25 “.

Stamp randomly all over it and then apply it to the candle. To do this make sure it is aligned straight on the candle. (Wrap the tissue around the candle, and make sure the ends meet up evenly. If the tissue overlaps just a bit, you can trim it, but it shouldn’t show once it is bonded to the candle.)

See the bump in the tissue from it being folded?  That won't show once bonded to the candle.  You can cut the long way in the tissue so you don't get any bumps in your piece. 
Holding just one end of the tissue against the candle. With a heat gun, heat the candle so the surface melts some. The tissue will soak up the wax and adhere to the candle body. You don’t have to heat much (the wax runs otherwise.), just enough so the tissue bonds to the candle. Slowly turn the candle (When covering the body of a candle.  I'm showing you on the top that I also covered.) and heat the wax as you wrap the tissue around the candle.
When the tissue is soaked in wax it doesn't burn.  It just melts down into the candle.  After the tissue is all attached. I use the heat gun to melt any spots or bumps that may form in the process. I smooth these out with my finger.

The wax isn’t hot enough to burn. You just get a thin coating of wax on your finger.  Oh, don’t handle your camera when doing this as you will then need to clean wax out of the buttons. How do I know this!?!  lol

The tea lights are so easy to do.  I have 100 candles done for my event.  Now to do the packaging.  Tanya from Tinkerin in Ink With Tanya has a great tutorial. It’s where I got the idea. :)

Photo Holders:   
 This is what I started with.  It is from a local craft store.  I wrapped it in a strip of Blush Blossom designer paper.  Punched 2 squares with the new Postage Stamp punch from the Summer Mini.  I attached them with sticky strip.  For the top I punched a hole in the center and cut into that to fit it around the wire.

Then attach the stamped image over the side where the ends meet on the block. Always hide your mechanics! :)  You could put the image on all 4 sides. Tie a ribbon around the wire and you're done!

Butterfly Box:

 Cut a piece of cardstock 6" x 8".  Score 1" in from each edge holding a 6" side toward the top.  Turn so an 8" side is at the top, and score 3.5" in from each edge.  Lay largest butterfly on each side, facing head up toward the top edge.  The box will be  a bit taller than the butterfly.  Trim away box front and back separately,  down to 1.5" point at sides.
Attach other layers of butterfly die cuts after embossing them.  Attach a Word Window punch shape for body.  Punch it twice to shorten the size, by sliding it back into the punch from the bottom.  The antenna is a strip of very narrow cardstock folded in half and curled.  I attached it with glue behind the largest butterfly.

To fold box together.  Fold on all lines.  Cut on the 2 - 1" lines on side flaps.  Fold in 1 tall flap, fold in 1" flap, fold over other tall flap.  Secure together with Sticky strip. 

Attach ribbon handle to inside of box with Sticky Strip.

To create the cards I cut cardstock 3" x 6" and folded it in half.  I punched a 2.5" Circle punch shape out of copy paper.  I used the piece with the hole in it, to mask the front and stamped the word image with Pretty in Pink, repeatedly to fill the shape.  I them stamped the butterfly over that with Rose Red.

That's it stampers!
Happy stamping!
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