Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bird Feeder info

Margaret asked about the feeder in the picture with the Oriole.  If you want the Orioles to hang out in your yard, I reccomend buying a feeder just for them.  It gives them a place to perch.  Hummingbirds will use an oriole feeder but it seems to stress the Orioles out not to be able to perch while they drink.  I had Hummingbird feeders up 4 years ago and the Orioles couldn't sit at them, they kept trying to perch on the base and couldn't, so I bought some of this style.

See a new visitor today.  Inside the O!

 I saw this male hummingbird and a female all through the day.  They were very skittish but will get used to me moving in the window and the cars going by.  The feeder is outside my stamp room and I was prepping for classes today.  They seemed very hungry so I imagine they just got back to the area.

Then when I was watching the antics of an Oriole I looked over and saw a Rose Breasted Grosbeak sitting on the large feeder.  He stayed there the rest of day.  The Goldfinches would chase him up into the tree but he'd be back at the feeder pretty quick.  At the end of the day I saw a female too, all brown and dowdy.  She might have been his mate.  It poured later and this male stayed on the feeder hunched into the side against the rain.  I figure he doesn't have a territory set yet.  Not sure where the female went off to.  Well, she probably knew to get out of the rain!  lol

Back to cards tomorrow!
Happy stamping!

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