Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprises in my mailbox!

I got done cleaning the dead stuff  (winter architecture leftovers - What the rabbits didn't eat off.) out my flower beds today, and in my mailbox was a priority box filled with this!  An early Easter package from my friend Lisa. 

How cute is all this stuff!?! 
Check out the paper scrunch flower
on the seed package.
Peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, lol, I love peeps, a milk carton filled with chocolate eggs from Lindor, yes they are yummy.  An adorable pail with garden gloves, in a cool spring green with grippies on the palms :) (All my gloves like that are wore off.) and Sunflower seeds.  A cute card, I love this stamp set! 
 And the neatest box of tissues. Check out this size!  It's like 3"x 3"!  What a great size for a get well package.  I have seasonal allergies so this is so handy.  If I can bring myself to use them.  Too cute to use up! lol

Sneak peek alert Lisa preordered the Four Frames set.  It'll be in the next catalog and you can order it (and some of the coolest designer paper yet) this month.  It's on the peeps package.

I love how she decorated everything, these are my favorite colors.

Thanks Lisa!

It's suppose to rain and, grrr, snow over the next 4 days
so I will be able to get in some stamping time too.  We have done about 12 hours of digging and moving plants at my mom's house.  My legs and back hurt so bad yet.  it'll fade, then we'll start all over.  lol

Happy stamping!

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Anonymous said...

You are most welcome dear friend! I enjoyed sending the happy mail : )

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