Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pincushions and more!

The pincushion is a total cheat. 
I made it just for a background item.  lol 

Take an 8.5" square. 
Place a ball of batting in the center. 
Pull the corners together fasten with a rubber band. 
Fold those ends down again and attach into rubber band.
Tuck it into the teacup.  I made the ball larger than the cup bowl so I could squish it in there and have it stay put.  You could also glue it into the cup with Tacky glue.

To trim the cup, I used glue dots to attach the lace around the cup edge.  Tied the bow with Vanilla Satin Ribbon, and used another glue dot to attach it over the crochet trim at the handle.

These are fakes too!  Who knew the most asked about item would be the, I need something to throw in this photo item!  :)  To make these with usable pins, using a dot of Crystal Effects slide beads onto a pearl head pin.  1-3 beads per pin.  lay upside down in a cup to dry.

Sewing Kit
You could make this out of cardstock to make it stronger.Designer Paper 3" x 11".
I used a sheet from the Sweet Stitches Collection with the needle printed on it.
Score at 2", 2.25", 6.75", 7".
Fold into matchbook shape.
Cut a 4.5" x 3" piece of dsp to line the back of matchbook.

Wrap and tie an 8" ribbon around short front end.  Trim ends.
Attach Velcro dots to hold closed.

I used mini cello bags trimmed to 3" tall.
Attach to back side of matchbook with Sticky Strip at bottom back edge of envelope. 
Attach a 4" ribbon  over these.  Attach 1/2" of each ribbon end to back side of matchbook over bags.  I wrapped thread around a tab punch. (Layer dsp over white cardstock, then punch "spool".) fill with sewing goodies.
I printed Sewing Kit from MDS and punched and layered it for the front.

Wrap up of the  projects tomorrow. 
This is my birthday month and each week I will be giving away some new product.  Check back on Friday to see what week one's giveaway is!
Happy Stamping!

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