Saturday, January 15, 2011

Paper, paper, everywhere!

This weeks drawing is more paper samplers!

 A sampling from the Botanical Gazette Designer Series Paper


  A sampling from the Springtime Vintage Designer Series Paper


  A sampling from the Sweet Stitches Designer Series Paper

All very cool designer paper. 
Have I said how much I love everything in this mini.  :)
Almost as much as I love birthday cake.  :D  My favorite cake
of all my birthday cakes, was a Pineapple Upside Down cake
my mom made for my 11th birthday. 

Leave a comment telling what your favorite birthday cake was. 
I'll use to draw winning numbers Sunday.

Happy Stanping!


Pat Smith said...

My favorite birthday "cake" was a cherry Pie!!!

Stacy H. said...

My very favorite birthday cake was a homemade carrot cake that my Mom made for a milestone birthday that I recently had. It was delicious. Thank you for offering the opportunity of winning some blog candy!

Anonymous said...

My favorite was a triple chocolate cake - but my most memorable was a doll cake. If you are old enough, you will remember the cakes made in a Tube Pan. It was trimmed and a doll was put into the tube hole. Then the cake was iced to look like a formal ball dress skirt. I really do not remember the cake - but I do remember that my two-year-old sister (I was turning six) was told by my mother not to "lay a hand on the cake" while it was cooling. So my sister just took a bite out of the cake! Needless to say, she did not get into trouble. Mother trimmed out around the bite hole, filled it with icing - and that was the back side of the cake that no one ate!

Deborah B.

lisa808 said...

Oh boy, I haven't had a pineapple upside down cake in years! My favorite birthday cake Carvel cake w/extra crunchies and a design of Mickey Mouse on it. I was 25!

Anonymous said...

My favorite birthday cake was a cherry cheesecake my mom would make foe me. It was my favorite dessert when I was a kid. Happy Birthday, Kim!

Julie S.

LInda said...

My favorite birthday cake was Red Velvet cake. My mother made it for me for many years until I had a husband and she figured he could be in charge of the cake. No more red velvet cakes....:(

Bev Gomez said...

My favorite birthday cake was and still is double lemon bundt cake. Isn't the DSP in this mini just fabulous???? I had to have it all!!!! Bev

Anonymous said...

My favorite cake that I love, would be a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. But, I have two memorable cakes - one I made and the ones my mom made. Mom's, when I was a kid, was the angel food cake pan made with a yellow cake and inserted the doll in the middle. My birthday is St. Patrick's Day so the doll was always an Irish girl complete with red hair, redder than mine, and a dress with shamrocks on it and green. Mom would continue her dress with green frosting but since a girl has to have chocolate she had also had some brown ribbons of chocolate on there. Yum! Of course, the doll was a present too with extra clothes my mom made.

I had a coworker who had the same birthday and he loved chocolate too. I made this Bundt cake that was a triple chocolate with a fudge frosting. Then, I layered these shamrock looking pieces that were made of fabric and were joined with something. Well, my goofy coworker, a man of course, thought they were edible and ate a small string of those fabric shamrocks with his piece! He didn't get sick and I guess they came to pass o.k. as he never complained. But, the next year he requested the same cake but without oramentation! I don't think he ever told his wife!

By the way, happy birthday again!

Chris R. from Iowa

Kim said...

Oh Chris you had me falling out of my chair laughing over the coworker cake!!

Oh all the cool cakes! I too got a doll cake. My foster Grandma made it for me when I was 8. She made it when we visited in the summer for a half birthday. Something else I'd never had. How could I have forgotten that cake! I didn't want to cut into it. I made one for a staff member at my daycare site one year. She'd never gotten one growing up. We always did a cake the kids decorated for the staff there. The kids begged to make one so we did.

Thanks all for sharing your cake stories!

jmniffer said...

My favorite cake is strawberry short cake. I have a winter birthday and those strawberries would always make summer seem just a little closer. Thanks for a chance to win some new DSP samples. jmniffer

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