Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glass Ornament

The first of many ornaments.  I did the reinker/glitter effect inside. 
Lots of rolling the ornament to get it even.  I'm so poud of myself
I remembered to put a folded square of paper towel over the opening
so I didn't get a red circle on my thumb from the ink! lol

The snowflake is cut from SU's White Vinyl sheets using
the Snowflakes Set #2 Sizzlits Die 4-Pack.  I am also going to do
some using the snowflakes from the Northern Frost Decorative Strip Die.

ReInker Glitter Ornaments
glass bulbs
reinker(s) for classic dye ink
Dazzling Diamonds
small funnel or paper cone
several containers to stand the ornament in, small glass cups, muffin tin
(Not one you will use for food afterwards.  I found some cheap at the thrift store I use.) 
plastic gloves
paper towels
rubbing alcohol

1. Remove top carefully.  Clean glass bulb inside by rinsing with rubbing alcohol. 
I reuse this for about 4 ornaments before I toss it.
2. Add 20-30 drops of classic dye reinkers.  This will depend on size of bulb you are using.  My bulbs are 2.5".
3. Swirl the ink around the bulb filling in all the spaces as you go. This is where gloves are handy or use paper towel to cover open hole.   Add more reinker if you are not getting a good coat of color.  Darker colors need more ink.
4. Let it drain into the cup.  I let the same color ornaments drain into the same cup
so I can reuse the extra ink.
5. While the ink is still wet, using Dazzling Diamonds and the small funnel or cone, add glitter inside the ornament.  About 1/2 - 1 tsp, dump out any extra. 
6. Using thumb with paper towel over hole, shake ornament to get good coverage.
7. Allow to dry for few minutes upside down in different cup.
8. Reinsert cap with hanger.  Tie a ribbon a around the neck.
All set to go on the tree.

Snowflakes Set #2 Sizzlits Die 4-Pack  #113449  $19.95
Northern Frost Decorative Strip Die #120901  $21.95
White Décor Elements Vinyl Sheets  #114335  $12.95

Happy Stamping!

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Laurie Gibson said...

Great ornament Kim. Love it. I sent you a private e-mail about a gift I have for you. Did you get it?

Laurie Gibson

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