Thursday, December 2, 2010

Frosty SnowGlobe

The image for this project is the retired stamp set Frosty. 

You stamp with Stazon Black in on acetate.  Color on the back of the acetate (So you don't remove the black ink.) with a white paint pen and Sharpie permanent markers.  Cut it to fit inside the glass ornament.  Roll it into a tube, colored side to the inside to protect it.  Slide it into the ball and let it unroll.  Using a tweezers center and stand the image vertically.

Dump some fake snow or large glitter inside on both sides of the acetate.  Stuff the opening with rolled up white tissue paper.

Using a small fruit snack can as the base (rinse and dry the can) attach Sticky Strip to the outside of the can.  Peel protective layer off of the Sticky Strip and attach a length of ribbon around the bottom edge of the can.  Roll in red micro beads or glitter for rest of Sticky Strip on can.  Press into Sticky Strip firmly.

Use Crystal Effects to attach the ball ornament.  Edge the top edge of the can with  Crystal Effects.  Carefully set the ball into the fruit can, make sure it's center and vertical!  let it set and dry, about 20 minutes.  Tie ribbons around top edge of fruit snack can.  I also attached a few tags on a hanging piece of ribbon.

Give it a shake and your snow globe is set to go!  I couldn't help the fake snow sticking to the glass ball but it looks like it is floating in the ball.

Happy Stamping!

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