Friday, November 12, 2010

3D with Waffle Paper

This is so easy, but is a great wow card.  You can make the ornament shape as puffed up as you like.  I used 1/2 a cotton ball.  I used Waffle Paper but you can use Stampin' Up! fabric to create this look too.

How tos:
Punch the opening with the ornament punch.  Slide the punch as far up as it will go on the cardstock.

Set the cardfront, without any adhesive on it yet, over the Waffle paper/cotton ball.  Shape the Waffle paper over the cotton ball.  Adjust the creases so they lay smoothly.  Refit the punch opening over the Waffle Paper if necessary.
On the back side pf the punch opening, line the shape with short pieces of Sticky Strip.
Set the cardfront (Sticky Strip tape exposed and facing Waffle paper.) over the Waffle paper/cotton ball, press down firmly.  This step attaches the Waffle Paper. 

Gently lift up the cardfront and reapply tape around the ornament punch opening over the Waffle Paper and all the edges of the cardfront. 
Set cardfront back over cotton ball and gold layer, press down firmly over all tape areas. 
Layer this on the card base.
Stamp the sentiment in coordinating ink, and apply a bow.

Happy Stamping!

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