Friday, October 22, 2010

How to tie the crown on - Opps! Larks Head Knot

I have to apologize, I had the name of the beginning knot wrong.  Hey, I'm old, the memory is going!  lol  I've had a few people question how to tie the crown to the headband.

Here are a few photos that I hope help.  I used red cording so it would show up in the photo.  You can use embroidery floss or fishing line.

 Start at the center point with a lark's head knot.  Wrap the line over and around the crown and lattice die, just going around and around the 2 parts.

 To tie off do a double half hitch.  Pull the line out to the side.  Go over the headband and through the loop this creates. 
Do it a second time pull tight to headband. If you use floss you can apply Fraycheck (namebrand anti fray liquid available at sewing centers) to it. The knot will not come undone.  This doesn't work on fishing line as that is plastic and will not absorb the Fraycheck.

Or if you want only one knot at one end . . .
This is the beginning loop (lark's head knot) that holds the fishing line firmly to the crown at one end.

Braid the line around the 2 parts, to one side of the crown.
 Tie off in an overhand knot.

I still have to make a magic wand to go with this.  It will be Monday before I get to that.  I have a huge stamp/scrap  sale Saturday with 21 vendors and a Christmas Card class Sunday.  If you are in the Green Bay WI area, come on out and check out the bargains at the sale - You can find us at the Duck Creek VFW Post 7534 next to River's Bend.  754 Riverview Dr, Howard, WI  9 am-3 pm

Happy Creating!

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