Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crown for a Princess

Do you have a little princess in your house? 
Here's the perfect accessory for her! 

I used the self adhesive fun foam and covered the sticky side with Dazzling Diamonds. It doesn't show up very well in the photo.  It does look all sparkly though!

Cut the Lattice die cut as shown in the picture.

I used white cotton floss to bind it to the headband. I found this style of headband at the $1 Tree Store. Any style of headband would work.

Start with a clove hitch at the center point of the crown.
Click here to see a how to for a clove hitch knot.  (Scroll down the page a bit.)

Wrap one section of floss toward each end. Tie off with 2 Clove hitch knots.

You could add half rhinestones or half pearls to the sticky side before adding the glitter.  You could also coat the die cut with Tombow Mono Multi Glue and dust it with glitter.  Let it sit and dry before handing.  Same effect. 

Easy Peasy! Now to make a magic wand!

Disclaimer:  This is not my original idea. I saw these in a photo of demos at Stampin' Up's Convention last summer.

Happy Creating!

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Vicky said...

OMGosh!! Kim, just when i think there could be nothing else left for you to do, you come up with something like this wowza!!! LOVE it!!! great idea!

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